What’s up, Emerge? Tonight was another great one!

We started off talking for a little bit. Then we opened with two Michael Jr. clips. Here they are.

Then, we sang some songs for worship. Tonight’s songs were My Savior Lives, Jesus Saves, and How Great Is Our God. We finally broke Anna of her Give Us Clean Hands spell. (I’m waiting for the comment about this one)

After worship, we talked about the miners. Anna used an analogy from a weekly devotional to challenge us. We are like the Phoenix II with our friends. They are in a dark place (while not being Christians) and it is our job to bring them into the light. We showed the same video that Pastor Jeff used on Sunday. You’ll find that below.

After the mini message, we played Pictionary Junior for the rest of the night. It was fun!

See you next week! (and/or Sunday)