Tonight was another awesome night at Emerge. We started off with two Michael Jr. clips.

Then, we played a game where we passed a series of objects around and had to say to our neighbor, “This is a …” Once that game was over, Anna shared her mini message for tonight. It was about being a real Christian versus doing the motions of being one. She challenged us to continue reading our Bibles and talking to God daily.

After that came worship. Tonight’s songs were Unite, Our God, and Give Us Clean Hands. After worship, Anna prayed and we moved on with our night.

The next part of our night was a birthday celebration for Madisyn, Brandon & Brad (It feels weird referring to myself in the 3rd person.) We had a cake and chips. We continued to hang out while we ate.

Then we went outside to do an activity. The object was to shave a balloon. Some people were more successful than others. After that ended, we came back inside and ended the night with a few rounds of 20 Questions.

Have a great week! See you on Sunday!