What’s up Emerge? Happy Wednesday!

Tonight, we started off with our usual chat time. Tonight’s first game involved collecting play money if a certain condition was true in our lives today or based on stuff we owned.

After that, we went over some announcements. We will be going to Park City Mall on Friday, March 25th at 6:00 pm. Also, we will be visiting the residents at Providence Place and doing crafts with them on April 13th. More information is coming. Youth Day is tentatively scheduled for May 1st. BE AT CHURCH THAT DAY!

After announcements, we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs were My Savior Lives, Awesome Is The Lord Most High, and Father Will You Come. Immediately following that, Anna prayed and we moved onto the mini message.

Because we had a slightly shortened time tonight, we didn’t make it through the whole message. Anna asked Taylor to read a letter from God that Anna passed out to each of us. Your homework assignment is to look up Matthew 22:37-40. (If you do, Anna might have something for you next week!)

We had a few minutes to spare at the end, so we showed a few clips of the youth convention experience and discussed it for those who have never been to convention before. You can find them by going to YouTube and searching for PennDel Youth convention.

That’s all, folks! Have a great week!