Hello Emerge! Happy New Year to you as well! Tonight kicked off our services for 2011, and it was an interesting night.

We started off by getting instructions for a game we would be playing for most of the evening. We each had 5 clothes pins and our mission was to keep them by not crossing our arms and legs. After going through that, we passed out the Emerge Bulletins (see the Bulletin page for the information inside) and went over many of the announcements inside.

After that, we attempted worship. I say attempted because we experienced some technical difficulties, canceling worship for tonight. Fortunately the problem has since been fixed, so we’ll be back next week!

Anna’s Mini Message was next this evening. We discussed New Year’s Resolutions and how we can use them for God’s glory. We wrote ways that we can honor God in the new year on our board.

After that, we played a game where we had to identify NFL teams based on clues that were given. An example would be “Pay a dollar for corn” which is the Buccaneers. Tyler won that game, as well as the clothes pin game.

At the conclusion of the evening, Anna prayed, then had an announcement for us. Starting next Sunday, January 16th, Paul will be teaching our Sunday School class again. Welcome back, Paul!