Happy Wednesday! We hope you’re having an amazing week!

Tonight, we started off with our usual chat time while Anna and I finished getting some stuff ready for tonight. After that, we went over convention balances so everyone knew where they stood as of tonight.

Then, we went outside to play a little game. Anna hid colored ice cubs in the snow. The objective was for us to find as many as possible. Brandon ended up winning by finding 19 of them. (We apologize for making everyone go out in the cold weather…)

After coming back inside and warming up, we moved into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were Jesus Saves, Mighty to Save, and How Great Is Our God. Immediately following that, Anna prayed and we moved on.

Because some people haven’t been with us over the past few weeks, we once again showed the Robert Madu clip from last week and discussed convention details. In the event that I forgot to post this past week, we’ll be staying at the Sheraton (the convention headquarters). We also checked out some pictures of the hotel.

After that, the night turned into a video marathon of sorts. We watched a video of funny church signs, the boy telling what each book of the Bible is about, and another convention promo video. This blog post would be huge if I posted all of those videos here, so I’m not going to. If you’d like links to any of them, leave a comment or send me an email at brad@emergeyouth.co.cc.

Have an awesome week! See you on Sunday!

I almost forgot…
Effectively immediately, our social networking information has changed. Here’s the new info:

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Facebook: facebook.com/emergeyouthdover