Wait! You might want to read tonight’ post first…

Tonight started off with worship right away, since we had a lot to do in only an hour and a half. Tonight’s songs were Take It All (Hillsong), Your Grace Is Enough (Chris Tomlin), and Closer (Worth Dying For). After worship finished, Anna prayed and we moved onto a few announcements.

Many of tonight’s announcements were repeats of the previous weeks, so here’s a brief recap (and by brief recap, I mean a complete rundown of those announcements).

  • This Sunday – Graduation Service for Taylor & Megan
  • Also, Taylor’s graduation party is Saturday, June 2nd from 4-6 pm – Feel free to stop by
  • Friday, June 15th – 7:00 PM – Youth & Young Adult Worship Night – Keep inviting friends. There might be another door prize for whoever invites the most. Also, if you still have worship requests, submit them on the requests page here on our site.
  • Saturday, June 30th – Mall Trip to Towson in MD.
  • Car Show – Saturday, June 16th – We’ll be selling hot dogs & sodas – Help work the stand! 🙂
  • We’ll be going on a boat trip in July with Cindy & Smoke Dennis – more info coming soon
  • VBS – One Day Rally – Saturday, August 18th – Also more info coming…
  • Also, HELP WANTED! If you’d like to help with blogging on our website or running the tech stuff in the youth room, see Brad.

After that, Anna announced the grand total that we raised at the car wash and told us how much we had in our convention accounts already. Then, we introduced tonight’s clip, which was Friday night’s message from convention entitled “Don’t Just Stand There! Do Something!” We spent most of the night watching that.

At the end of the night, Anna touched on a few things that Tim Ross said in the message and closed in prayer.

Have an awesome week!