Hello Emerge (and Anna because I know you’re reading this…leave a comment if I’m right!) 🙂

Tonight started off with our hang out time as usual. Before we started worship, I reminded you that talking during worship will make my head explode (and you shouldn’t do it), but seriously, talking during worship is bad. Don’t do it! Then, we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs (all by Worth Dying For) were Freedom Is Rising, Love Riot, Send Your Glory Down, Closer, and Risen From The Grave. After worship, Corey prayed and we moved on. (Anna wasn’t with us tonight because she wasn’t feeling well.)

Announcements were next. The first announcement (of sorts) was that we swapped projectors with the sanctuary. Then, we talked about convention. We showed a video from Tim Ross to the students of PennDel Youth.

After that video, we discussed the packing suggestions and passed them out. We also reminded you to make sure to pack your Emerge Youth T-shirt. Then, we discussed the “Cup of Water” offering that will be taken at convention and showed a video promoting it. (See below)

Following that video, we reminded you about “Friend Day” on Easter Sunday and passed out tickets to those who wanted/needed them. The final announcement was that we’re looking for someone else to join me in the blogging department. If you’re interested, chat with me (Brad) or leave a comment!

Next we moved into a different kind of mini message. Since convention is coming up, we let Tim Ross teach tonight (via video). The video we used is embedded below. After the video, Corey and I led a discussion about faith. We talked about how you can grow your faith by reading the Bible and getting more faith filled content into your life. “If you know more (insert music style) lyrics than you know Bible verses, you’re in trouble.” (Quote…kind of…from Tim Ross). We challenged you to spend time reading the Bible everyday this week.

Here are some resources where you can read the Bible/have verses delivered to you.

  1. YouVersion.com – There’s a link to it on our homepage for a reason. This site has several versions of the Bible that you can read as well as reading plans (essentially devotionals) that you can do everyday.
  2. TheDailyBibleVerse.org – You can sign up to get a daily verse emailed to you (or texted to you, even though it does cost for texting – we’ll find you a better alternative)
  3. EmergeYouth.org – We have a Bible verse on our home page that changes everyday. Stop by and look at it, then take some time reflect on it. 🙂

After that, Corey prayed to close out that part of the night and we went outside for a bit. Towards the end, we came back inside and hung out until 8:00.

Have an awesome week! (For those of you going to convention, can you believe it’s NEXT WEEK??)


New: Each week when I remember to, I’ll post a question related to something that happened during youth that night. Leave us an answer in the comments!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What are some ways you can build your faith?