Day 2 of convention started off rather well. Everyone got up and ready to go. This included packing the van because the hotel only booked us for one night. By the time we were finally ready, we were leaving late, and did not get into the Giant Center until after the morning session started. Because of this, we didn’t get the greatest seats, but it was still awesome. We started off with more worship from Worth Dying For. They were awesome as usual! Then, Eran Holt spoke to us about the different offerings at Valley Forge Christian College. Also, Doug Sayer told us that the youth ministry of Penn-Del had recently paid to have a well put in Africa. We took an offering to have another one installed. We proceeded with a ten minute intermission.

After intermission, Robert Madu, the communicator, spoke to us about “The Benefits of Underage Drinking”. Hold onto your hats, it isn’t what you might be thinking. His message was based on the idea that it is good to drink from the spirit at any age. His message was from John 4:5-19. The woman in that passage helped to him to explain his point through her point of view. At one point, Robert said “You can only receive what you can perceive.” We are starting to find that this is a true statement.
Toward the end of his message, as an example, he poured what over a student’s head that was to illustrate the drinking of the spirit. After the example, many students responded to an altar call by Robert, asking God to fill them. Worth Dying For played during this call.
After the awesome morning service, the gang from Victory headed to lunch at Applebee’s. The food was amazing, but the fellowship was better! We all enjoyed our meals and had an awesome time together.
After lunch, we headed to the Harrisburg Mall to kill time since we didn’t have much else to do. The 4 guys in the group hung out together, taking all kinds of random pictures throughout the day. If you look below, you will see some of them in the slideshow. Another game we played at the mall was meet as many other students from convention as possible. It was fun to see what kinds of responses the other students would give when we greeted them. It was an interesting afternoon!
When all of this fun had concluded, we returned to the Giant Center for the final session. On the way, we practiced our worship for Youth Day since Anna had the CD in the van. The ending was perfect because we had just pulled into the Giant Center. Until the last session began, we sat and watched the Fine Arts awards and/or walked around the lobby to do all kinds of fun stuff there or buy whatever the vendors had available.
The final session was awesome, off the chain you might say. We started off with worship from Worth Dying For, that included their new song, Love Riot. Everyone in our group seemed to love the song, so we can’t wait for it to become available to use for our worship. Then, a girl who made it her Senior Project to get the 7 Project to her school spoke to us about that. They took an offering to help fund the 7 Project. Then, Robert Madu came back out. First, he started by having us bring the biggest praise offering the Giant Center has ever seen. We know that it was the biggest! His message was titled “Where Are the Superheroes?” It came from 1 Peter 2:9-12. Through references to many superheroes, he explained qualities that superheroes should have. As he introduced each, the crowd went wild!  After his message, he challenged everyone in the crowd to become a Superhero in Christ. Again, he had a very successful altar call that brought many superheroes upfront to him. He had us pray for each other, that we would help to grow our youth groups, and be the best that we could be. Then, Doug Sayer came back out and told us about a “10 day intentional” that he encouraged us to participate in. After his closing remarks, Worth Dying For played us out.
Day 2 was awesome!
Better convention pictures will be posted soon. Look for them.