Hello All,

Today has been a very interesting day for Victory Youth. After we all met at the church, we set out for Hershey, PA for youth convention. Approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the way there, the van catches fire. We all escaped before there were flames. At that point, everyone was praying and praising God that we got out of the fire safely. Another gracious youth group was nice enough to pick us up and bring us to Hershey for convention.
In Hershey, we had to visit the registration room to get our wristbands then we found our seats. Until the session started, we walked around and hung out around the Giant Center. Worth Dying For started off the night with some awesome worship. Nobody knew the songs, except for a few, but we enjoyed that. Then, Doug Sayers, the District Youth Director talked to us and introduced Robert Madu, “The Communicator”. While Doug was talking, he brought up Dover’s van fire. We really “lit it up” on the way to Youth Convention! Robert Madu’s sermon dealt with Genesis Chapter 3. It was great! He was very funny, often making hilarious references, such as saying that “Adam and Eve jacked it up” for the rest of us.
After his sermon, he held an altar call that many people responded to. Everyone was praying at one time. What an AWESOME thing! Then, we sang a few more songs and called it quits for the night.
By this time, Pastor Jeff had returned with their van. Thanks to Lauren & Caleb for picking him up! We proceeded to our hotel and checked in. Then we headed to McDonald’s for dinner. Everyone was very hungry by the time we arrived and the food was greatly appreciated!
Later, we returned to the hotel and hung out for awhile. Currently, the other guys are getting ready for bed!
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Convention Students
Dover AG’s van’s final trip…RIP
More pictures coming later!