SYATP History

After a few of you had asked on Sunday morning, I went ahead and looked up the history of See You At the Pole. Here is a video that explains it as well as a text version. The video came from an old SYATP disk that PennDel Youth had and the text came from

YC13 Music

Since I’ve been asked so many times since we’ve been back (only a few hours), here are the songs I’ve found that Kristene Dimarco and Ross Turner used to lead worship at convention. “Spirit Break Out” by Jesus Culture (YouTube)...

Website Updates

Hey Emerge! We wanted to give you a quick heads up that we’ll be working on updating several parts of our website over the next few weeks. We apologize in advance for any issues you may encounter.

Bowling Song Names

Hello All. Here is a list of the songs that we ID’ed while bowling this past Sunday. I hope this helps those of you who asked me to ID a song. “We Shine” by Stellar Kart “Heaven” by Jars of Clay “Hero” by Skillet...