What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday!

Before we get started, I wanted to give a quick disclaimer that I was only with the group for about 15 minutes tonight due to something else going on in the church, so this will be as complete as I can make it.

We spent the night outside tonight. We started off with a water balloon game, which then turned into a water balloon fight. Once the fight was over, we moved into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were God of Wonders, Kum By Ya, and God of Wonders. Following worship, Corey prayed.

Then we moved into the 2 remaining announcements. Here they are:

  • We’re rescheduling the mall trip. We’ll hopefully discuss that next week.
  • VBS One Day Rally – Saturday, August 18th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please plan to help us out that day. We need as many teens and adults to work as possible.
After the announcements came the typical mini message. Corey’s message tonight discussed nature and God’s creation. Feel free to throw any details you remember from in the comments section below.
After that, we cooked hot dogs & s’mores over the fire while discussing other ideas for things we could do as youth group.
That’d be all for tonight! Have a great week! (Also, special thanks to Brandon for helping me get this together)
Question of the Week: What is your favorite campfire snack?