What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday (also Happy 2nd to last Wednesday before school starts again!)

Tonight we started out hanging out in the youth room and texting to the screen. An abbreviated worship set followed that time. Tonight’s songs were “Love Riot” and “Risen From The Grave”, both by Worth Dying For. At the conclusion of worship. Corey prayed.

A few announcements followed worship. Here’s that information:

  • Mall Trip – Friday, August 24th. We’re actually planning to go. We’ll leave the church at 5:30 and should return later that night (after 9:00 probably). We’re going to Park City for this one, but might plan another trip later.
  • We’re still collecting money for the PennDel “Cup of Water” thing. We have approximately $11 so far, so we’re more than half way to our goal of $20.

After that, we updated all of you on your convention accounts so far. Many are getting close to be finished, which is awesome! PTL for that (and the fact that we made $315 at the car wash this past Saturday!) As we were going through announcements, etc, we also signed thank you cards for all of the people who helped out with the car wash.

Our next order of business tonight was watching the promo for a series we’re going to be starting in September. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can post that here, so be sure to be in church over the next few weeks to learn more about it. After the video, Heather discussed the concept of it. Basically, it’s a reality show type thing that we’ll be watching & then discussing. See Heather or Corey for more info!

Then, we took a moment to sing Happy Birthday to Katie, whose birthday was on Monday. After singing, we enjoyed some cake and other food items, some of which were left over from Saturday. Once our food time was over, we headed outside to play badminton and hang out. Part way through our badminton game, the birdie was hit into a tree. That turned the night into trying to get it out of the tree, which involved throwing one of the rackets into the tree, also getting it stuck. After throwing sticks of firewood into the tree a few times, both the racket & birdie fell down to where we could get them. It was definitely an interesting few minutes. Fortunately, everything worked out okay in the end.

That’s the end of our night.

QOTW: Are you excited to go back to school? Why or why not?