Happy Wednesday Emerge!

Tonight, we started off with worship. Tonight’s time was a bit extended as we sang the following songs All Because of Jesus, Friend of God, Here I Am to Worship, Jesus Messiah, and How Great Is Our God. After worship, Anna prayed and we moved onto a time of snacking. We made some popcorn and enjoyed some sodas for a bit.

Then, we started going through announcements. Keep selling those pocket calendars and Bon-Ton community day books. Reminder that we need 25 pocket calendars to order them. We’ll also be participating in a One Month Challenge, carrying our Bibles everywhere we go. If you missed tonight and would like to sign up, send a text message to 30day30@gmail.com. The promo video for the 1 Month Challenge is below.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28532190]

After that, we discussed T-shirts, and went through all of the different colors so everyone could see them.

We ended the night with the first part of Anna’s mini message about worship. We talked about different ways to worship as well as why we worship. The message will continue next week if you missed it tonight.