What’s Up Emerge?

Tonight started out with some hang out time as I set up a few things up for tonight. After that, we went into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were Take It All, Awesome Is The Lord Most High, Shout Unto God, and How Great Is Our God. Following that, I prayed and then we moved onto some announcements.


  1. Keep selling Bon Ton community day books and pocket calendars!!!!!
  2. We’ll be attempting another hot dog sale THIS Sunday after church. If you’re available to help, we’ll meet at 11:30 to set up.
  3. T-shirt orders are due NEXT Wednesday (no, really, they are!) Any questions? Check out http://emergeyouth.spreadshirt.com. You can also text Brad with questions, etc.
  4. See You At the Pole iS NEXT (like how I capitalize NEXT??) Wednesday morning at your school.
Following that, we showed the promo video for See You At the Pole which can be found below.
The rest of the night was spent playing games. Part of the group started off playing Whoonu while others opted for Mad Gab. The night ended up in a Mad Gab competition. Taylor & Megan won (technically), but Katie, Lauren, & Madisyn answered the last question, which was “All or Nothing” correctly. We’ll call it a tie for this blog post.
That was our night! Have a great week!