Whoa, this is different! Anyway, today began with a few minutes of chat time, followed by the following video about See You At The Pole.

[youtube id=”GKChipm13gc”]

After the video, Anna talked a little bit about See You At The Pole and encouraged our teens to make every effort to attend to pray for their schools. After that discussion, we moved onto the introduction to the Tabernacle. Basically, this time was spent talking about what we’re going to discuss with this series. Here is an intro video that was also shown this morning.

[youtube id=”89J6Av1PVK0″]

At the end of Sunday School, Anna prayed and we headed downstairs for the worship service.

Please Note: As we head into the Tabernacle series, we’re not sure exactly what these blog posts are going to look like, so bear with us as we figure that out. We’ll get back to our normal setup after this series.