What’s Up Emerge?

Tonight started off with some hang out time, then a few announcements. T-shirt orders are due NEXT Wednesday, September 7th. If you don’t have a form from tonight, check out http://emergeyouth.spreadshirt.com to see the shirts and pricing (round up for uneven prices) and fill out the form at http://bit.ly/emergeshirts to place your order. Money will be due by NEXT Wednesday, September 7th. (Need I repeat that?) Also, our car wash has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 10th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Thanks to Hurricane Irene for canceling the first one.

After that, we moved into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were Son of God, Rain Down, and Here I Am To Worship. After worship, I prayed (since Anna wasn’t with us tonight) and we moved on.

We watched the first part of the movie Grace Card tonight. Around 7:45, we headed outside for a bit to hang out and play basketball.

That would be it for tonight. Have a great week!