Hello Emerge!

Tonight we spent the night at Bill Mack’s enjoying some ice cream along with the adults. We had a great night with lots of fun conversation. One of tonight’s topics ended up being cell phone ringtones. More about that later…

A few announcements:

  1. Car Wash – This Saturday, August 27th at the church. It runs from 10AM to 1PM but we NEED you to be there at 9:30AM! Should Irene change our plans, we’ll send out a text by 8:30AM on Saturday. Invite friends with dirty cars! 🙂
  2. T-Shirts – Our T-shirt deadline has been extended an additional week (as of the writing of this post). Check out http://emergeyouth.org/shirts.html and/or http://emergeyouth.spreadshirt.com for more information. Any questions, see/email Brad.
  3. We’re also selling pocket calendars and BonTon community day books. The community day books are $5 and we keep all the money. More information about the pocket calendars is coming next week.
That’d be it for this week! See you Sunday!