What’s Up Emerge?

Tonight, we started off with some announcements. Here goes:

  1. Youth Day is June 12th. We NEED ALL OF YOU to be here that day. (Have plans? Cancel ’em!) We’ll be using youth songs for worship that day and a few of the girls will be leading. Other stuff will be going on too. Any questions? Leave a comment. We might be meeting in the sanctuary next week to practice. Anna will be texting everyone over the next few days to arrange a practice if that doesn’t work out.
  2. We’ll be having a car wash / bake sale on June 25th. Once again, WE NEED ALL OF YOU to be HERE that day to make it a success. Money raised will go towards next year’s convention fund.
  3. If you’d like to donate towards our KINDLES for CUBA effort, see Anna. We’re trying to raise enough money to send one Kindle to Cuba to help spread the Gospel there. More info: penndelyouth.com/kindles
After all of that announcement goodness, we moved on to a time of worship. We once again sang the songs that we’re planning to use for Youth Day. (They would be I Am Free, Take It All, Father Will You Come, and Revelation Song for any of you who haven’t figured it out yet!) After worship, Anna prayed and we moved onto the mini message.
Tonight’s mini message was entitled “Airing Dirty Laundry” and came from James 5:16. Whenever you talk to someone or someone asks you to pray for them, we need to learn to keep their concerns confidential and not air their dirty laundry. Anna encouraged us to pray and care for each other without sharing concerns beyond the original parties involved. (James 5:16 is below for your reading pleasure)
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. – James 5:16
Following the mini message, we watched the video about following Jesus that we watched a few weeks ago. Once again, here is the link.
After that, we sang Happy Birthday to Tyler since his birthday is tomorrow and hung out for the remainder of the night.
Enjoy the rest of your week & we’ll see you on Sunday!