What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wedneday!

Tonight we started off chatting and hanging out for a bit as Brad (yours truly) got worship ready to go for tonight. Tonight’s first order of business was worship. We sang Freedom Is Here, All Because of Jesus, Song of Moses, and No Other Name. Immediately following worship, Anna prayed and we moved into some announcements/other stuff.

We continued by discussing convention and showing the pictures from my camera. Then, we discussed having a car wash on the day of the church yard sale (May 21st). This is still up in the air, so keep an eye out for more information about that. Youth Day has officially been pushed back to the day of our graduation service, which is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th as of now. Once again, keep your eye out for more information about that. We will also be trying to collect money for the Kindles for Cuba campaign started by PennDel Youth. The plan right now is for the money to come from fundraisers. We’ll keep you posted with that was well.

Following that came tonight’s mini message, entitled “Heart Attack on a Bun.” Tonight’s message reminded us to be careful ordering a quad stacker of myths about Jesus that aren’t true, but reminded us to order a dose of truth about the Way, the Truth, and the Life from the Bible. (I totally just paraphrased the packet that we received tonight!) Anna also challenged us to read the gospels to find out more about who Jesus really was!

Following that, we hung out and Brandon & Madisyn demonstrated the “Ninja” game that they learned at convention. I’m not even going to attempt to explain it.

That would be our night! Enjoy your week and we’ll see you Sunday!