Hello Emerge!

Tonight, we started off by getting some final things ready to go for our visit to Providence Place tonight. After that, we hopped in the van and headed there.

Once we were there, we started off with our resurrection eggs. After going through those, Anna prayed, then we distributed the Easter wreaths that we would be helping them put together. We spent a good chunk of time helping them to get their Easter wreaths put together in the right order and glued. After getting them done, Anna read what each of the jelly bean colors stood for, then we distributed them to the residents. We ended the night there by walking the residents back to their rooms. We then once again piled into the church van and headed back to church.

A few notes:

1) Youth Day Worship CDs were passed out tonight. As most of the CDs said on them, LEARN ‘EM, LIVE ‘EM, LOVE ‘EM!
2) Next week is our LAST Wednesday before youth convention! We’ll be hanging out and discussing any final preparations.
3) Y’all are amazing! 🙂

To see the pictures from tonight, visit our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/EmergeYouthDover)