What’s up Emerge?

Tonight we started off hanging out for a bit as usual. Then, we started with some announcements. If you have any candy bar boxes left, please return them ASAP. Also, we’ll be heading to Providence Place on Wednesday, April 13th to make crafts with the residents. Plan on hanging out with us that night.

Next, we spent a good deal of time picking worship for youth day. It isn’t finalized yet, but the songs are I Am Free, Take It All, Father Will You Come, and Revelation Song. After working through that, we enjoyed some milkshakes, made by Madisyn and Katie. Thanks girls!

After cleaning up from the milkshakes, we moved into a time of worship. We sang the first three songs that we plan to use for youth day (I Am Free, Take It All, and Father Will You Come). After that, Anna prayed and the night was over.