Hello Emerge! Happy Wednesday!

Tonight, we started off playing a game called Fact or Fiction, where the object was to identify rather a given statement was true or false. Many random things came up throughout it. Taylor ended up claiming the prize at the end of the game with 12 points.

Then came some announcements. Don’t forget that we’ll be headed to Park City Mall on Friday night (March 25th). If something changes and you can or cannot go, let Anna know as early as possible on Friday. Also, please continue to check out our Facebook when you get a chance. We’ve been updating it with all kinds of goodies lately! After that, we watched a clip of Bill Cosby. See it below.

After the video, Anna began tonight’s mini message entitled Hotline to Heaven. We discussed the Lord’s prayer, found in Matthew 6:9-13. As you’ve grown physically, hopefully you’ve grown in your prayer life as well. Throughout the mini message, we became easily distracted by the thunder and lightning happening outside.

We ended the night with a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were I Am Free, No Other Name, and Revelation Song. After that, Anna prayed and we ended the night!

See you on Friday night for the mall trip!