Hello Anyone who may in fact be reading our blog!

Tonight started off with some hang out and chat time as usual. During this time, we played the “text to screen” game. It was fun to see all of the responses that came in. We also welcomed Corey Little, who sat in on the group tonight to observe how things are run. During that time, we started a countdown that led us into worship. Tonight’s worship songs were Love Riot, Rain Down, Closer, and The Stand. Following worship, Anna prayed.

Announcements came next tonight. Reminder about convention, coming up in April. You can probably recite all of the convention info back to me by now, so I’m not going to bore you with it here. If you need that info though, check out emergeyouth.org/convention.html. We also reminded you about the spaghetti dinner coming up ONE WEEK from this Sunday. Please make sure you’re here to help (and to give yourself some more money towards convention). We also reminded you about the T-shirt day we’d like to plan at convention and the fact that any T-shirt orders are due by Sunday, February 26th. Anna then told everyone how much they had in their convention accounts.

Next came a video about Oprah’s misguided beliefs. You can find that video below. The mini message talked about how we need to know what we believe so we don’t fall victim to believing in the many cults out there. Anna challenged us to know our beliefs. We can do that by reading God’s word (aka The Bible) and talking to him. She ended the mini message by talking about a girl who is an atheist that is fighting her school to have a plaque with a prayer on it removed from the school. We need to stand up and fight back. BE THE ODD MAN OUT! (Sorry about that random outburst!) 🙂

At the end, Anna prayed and we hung out for a few minutes until the night was over. See you next week!