What’s Up Emerge? Tonight was definitely a great night!

We started out hanging out for a bit. During this time, we welcomed a visitor named Cassie. Then, we moved into worship. We sang Never Look Back, All Because of Jesus, Higher, and The Stand. (Never Look Back and Higher are Worth Dying For songs. I tell you this since they’ll be at convention this year!) After worship, Anna prayed.

Next, we went through some announcements. First off, if you’re selling candy bars, we ask that you return all remaining candy bars and/or money NEXT week. Remember that there should be a total of 36 items (candy bars or money). Convention is April 5-7. If you need more info about that, check out the convention page on our website. We’re planning to have a T-shirt day while at convention, so if you don’t have one, we suggest ordering one. If you’re ordering with the group, please submit your order by Sunday, February 26th so we can get them ordered in time. Lastly, we’ll be having a spaghetti dinner on Sunday, February 12th following the service. Anyone who works that day will get a portion of the proceeds to help fund convention. After the announcements, we showed a clip of Reggie Dabbs, the speaker who will be at convention.

Then, Anna talked a little bit about the story of a girl from Valley Forge Christian College who was rescued/returned after being held in a foreign country. It kind of tied into the lesson from last week about living like they’re dying because she was there as a worker/missionary. After that, we fought with the computer/internet while trying to find and watch a video that went along with Anna’s mini message. After a while, we gave up, so you’ll hear that message next week.

The remainder of the time was spent hanging out / playing Wii.

Thanks for a great night & we’ll see you next week!