Happy Wednesday!

Tonight started off with a bit of hang out/chat time. Following that, we moved into worship. Tonight’s songs were Take It All, Son of God, Rain Down, and How Great Is Our God. After worship, I prayed and we moved on.

We spent some time making popcorn and snacking, then Save the Date cards were passed out and we went over some announcements.

  1. Next week, we’ll have a Thanksgiving party and pick names for our Christmas “white elephant” gifts.
  2. We’re working on planning our New Year’s Eve party. If you’d like to submit ideas, you can leave a comment here or add them our document. http://bit.ly/emergenyeplan
Many of the other announcements have been repeats from the previous weeks. Check them out on our blog posts from previous weeks.
After all that fun, we watched a few random YouTube videos of Michael Jr. and others, then ended up playing Mad Gab for the rest of the night.
Have a great week!