What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday.

Tonight started off with worship. The songs were Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy), O Come All Ye Faithful, and How Great Is Our God. (On a side note, doesn’t it feel like we should be playing “One of these things is not like the other” here??) After worship, Anna prayed.

Next came a few announcements. Here we go:

  1. Wolfgang candy bars have been ordered – yes that means that Tyler’s convention bill will be payed soon.
  2. Next Wednesday, we’ll be Christmas caroling at Providence Place. Be at the church at 6:30 and we’re head over together.
  3. The following Wednesday is our Christmas party. Bring a white elephant gift, but don’t worry about making it for your name pull. You do, however, have to do something nice for your name pull between now and the party. We’re going to ask, so don’t be a slacker!
  4. Our New Year’s Eve party is, well, on New Year’s Eve (December 31st if you forgot when New Year’s Eve was). More info is coming…soon…BE THERE (and bring friends?)
  5. Our Youth Skit in January has been pushed back a week. It will now be on January 29th.
  6. No evening services will be happening on December 21st or 28th. Be sure to be there for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service on December 24th at 6:30 pm.

Anyway, after announcements, we started to decorate the youth room. That happened until we realized that we didn’t have one of the pieces for the tree, therefore decorating was ruined postponed. At this point, the night turned into game night. We started off playing Mad Gab, but ended with the Pac Man game on the projector screen. It turned out to be a fun time of chatting and gaming.

That would be it for this week. Reminder that we’re Christmas caroling NEXT Wednesday, then our Christmas party is the following Wednesday. Oh yeah, make sure you show up for Sunday School on Sunday!


PS – Apologies for a lack of a funny photo for this year’s decorating. Unfortunately, there simply wasn’t enough time spent decorating to snap a funny picture!