Hello friends!

Tonight, we started off with a service starter (Today is the Day) then moved right into worship. Tonight’s songs were Sing Sing Sing, You Are So Good to Me (Third Day), Our God, and Father Will You Come. Following worship, Anna prayed and we moved on.

Since my birthday was Sunday (in case you don’t know, this is Brad who writes these posts…”Oh hey!”), the group sang Happy Birthday, then we enjoyed some cake. While we were doing that, we got to talking about a few things, including fundraisers. You NEED to continue selling the various items to help you pay for convention. Trust us, the fundraisers are for your own benefit.

Along with that, we also started discussing our plans for New Year’s Eve. At this point, we’re actually going to do something this year, but we’re not 100% how it’s going to work yet. Your assignment is to spend some time brainstorming this week so we can discuss it next week. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below or bring them along next week.

At the end of the night, Madi & Katie sang a song they’re planning to sing closer to Thanksgiving. We’ll keep you posted as to when they’ll be performing.