What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday to you!

Tonight, we started off by helping to carry some paint cans up to storage. After that, we moved into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were All Because of Jesus, Friend of God, Here I Am To Worship, and Jesus Messiah. Following that, Anna prayed and we moved on to the mini message.

Tonight’s mini message was the continuation of last week’s message about worship. We talked about what it means to God when we worship and the different ways to worship. Anna challenged each of us to spend more time praying and reading our Bibles than we currently do to grow our relationship with God.

Following that, we sang Happy Birthday to Taylor (July 11th), Katie (August 13th), and Madisyn (October 16th) and had cake to celebrate their birthdays. During that time, we all discussed the challenge to sell as many pocket calendars as possible between now and next week. Whoever wins will get a FREE Emerge Youth T-shirt. SELL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After enjoying the cake, we went outside and hung out for a bit. (We also attempted basketball, but there was no light around the basketball hoop.) At the end, we came inside and cleaned up the room.

That’d be all for tonight. Once again, SELL POCKET CALENDARS AND BON-TON COMMUNITY DAY BOOKS!!!!