What’s Up Emerge? Happy Wednesday!

Tonight started off with our usual chat time. In that time, we showed a video that can be found here. (If you have any problems, let us know) Following that, we moved into a time of worship. Tonight’s songs were Forever, I Am Not the Same, Here I Am To Worship, and How Great is Our God. Following that, Anna prayed. Going a step further here, I (Brad) would like some feedback about the version of “I Am Not the Same” that we used tonight. Leave a comment telling me what you thought of it.

Following that, we moved into “planning meeting mode.” We discussed all kinds of upcoming events. All of them can be found on the calendar on the youth website, but I’ll post some info about them below as well. Click here to go to the youth calendar.

  • Next week, we might be doing one of a variety of things, including having our scavenger hunt, helping to prepare candy for Light the Night, and some other stuff. Please plan to be here regardless. Once we have a plan, a text will be sent out.
  • Light the Night is Saturday, October 29th. We (as in any teen who isn’t working in another specific area) will be passing out our Emerge Youth cards as well as candy to teens who come through.
  • If all goes as planned, we’ll be starting a new mini message series on Wednesday, November 2nd. You’ll just have to be here to see what it’s all about!
  • Anyone who is interested will be going to see Taylor in her Senior Play at school on November 11th. More info will be coming as we get closer to the event. Tickets will be either $5 or $7. If you have any questions, see Anna.
  • There will be no youth group on Wednesday, November 23rd. All departments will meet in the sanctuary for the Thanksgiving Eve service.
  • On Wednesday, November 30th, we’ll spend the night decorating the youth room for Christmas.
  • Skipping a few things here…Like I said before the huge list, go to the calendar page on our website to see all of the events.
  • Wednesday, December 14th will be our Christmas party. We’re not exchanging names this year, but we ask that you bring a white elephant gift (something you already have around the house) that can be exchanged that night.
  • Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 – We’ll be doing a youth skit and leading worship. More information is coming
Fundraiser Update
We’re STILL selling pocket calendars and Bon-Ton Community Day books. Anna ordered the pocket calendars already, so you’ll be able to show them when you try to sell. Also, we’ll be getting the boxes of candy bars again at some point in the next few months for you to sell. Remember, KEEP SELLING!!!!!!
That’d be all for this blog post. Have a great week!